About T3 Australia


T3 Australia is an Australian football organisation empowering the grassroots level of football. T3 Australia was founded in July 2011 by Ehsan Popal and Matt Sim to develop non elite community level football. T3 Australia is a grassroots organisation (not academy) dedicated to increasing the standards of grassroots (non-elite) football.

T3's aim is to help community clubs assist children to develop both on the field, and off the field with the support of their parents. Our focus is not targeted at elite players, it is targeted at players of all abilities. By bridging the gap between the highly skilled and less skilled players, the overall level of ability, satisfaction and participation in the sport is increased.

T3 has rapidly grown since its inception. We are currently working with several clubs and public schools in Sydney. The team of 25 coaches and administrators are one the fastest growing sporting organisations in Sydney.



Matthew Sim

Matt is a cofounder of T3 Australia, whilst also being a professional footballer at the ALeague level. Matt has spent countless hours working with grassroots children across over the last 4 years. Alongside partner Ehsan Popal, Matt has been responsible for rapidly setting up programs across several communities in Sydney.


Ehsan Popal

Ehsan is the co-founder of T3 Australia. Ehsan maturely ended his career as a semi-professional footballer in the NSW NPL 1 league to dedicate his life to focus on his passion to increase the standards of community football. Alongside partner Matthew Sim, Ehsan has been responsible for rapidly setting up programs in several communities in Sydney.


Tom Byer


Judged by his peers, local and international media, Tom has forever changed the way football has been taught in Japan and is now spreading his experience to Australia, China, Indonesia, India, UK and USA. Tom is the only youth coach in the world to hold the prestigious Adidas Golden boot award.




T3 Australia vision to develop and build a strong grassroots level of Australian football to world class standards. The visions is firmly focussed on increasing the player pool of technically component young children into the Australian football eco-system. By bridging the gap between the highly skilled and less skilled players at the grassroots level, T3 Australia believes the it will create a unique and strong technical foundation for Australian football.




With strong expertise in, and a deep understanding of, the development process of school children, T3 Australia has created a unique learning philosophy centred around building a positive football environment for each child. The football environment is the formation of key influences that will give optimum opportunity for a child to develop skills and maximise their enjoyment with the round ball.

Developing in a environment where learning technique is fun is the key to enjoying the game for years to come. Our coaches who are passionate teachers of the game support children on the field by demonstrating skills and providing a positive environment where they can naturally grow. Parents play a significant role in our philosophy as they are key mentors in their child's lives and can help instill good soccer habits at home. T3 engage and educate parents with unique T3 platforms such as our Apps and home practice skills balls that all enhance development off the field.