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Tom san's 1v1 Techniques [DVD]

With 20 years of experience in the technical guidance over U 12 (12 years and under), this "1v1 Technics Tom's" professional football coach familiar, know-how of Tom buyer packed in such as TV.

It focuses on basic techniques, such as dribbling and ball touch is the most important element in the elementary school age for the progress of football, we have collect a lot practice methods that can be anywhere as long as there ball even one person.

The reign at the top of the soccer DVD rankings for one year after its release in the Amazon Japan.It is most suitable for the practice of parents and children!You gonna difference in rival to practice well!

3,000 yen for 77 minutes / Price number 36 different recording menu / hour (tax included) (Japanese Only)


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Tom san's Coaching A to Z [DVD]

DVD3 sets, this work has been recorded practice menu of more than 100 total is divided into several themes.In addition, Tom's talk about their coaching philosophy in English, special interview with Mr. Kabira 慈英 also included plenty.It is a DVD that was made to help you all of the parents of the boy and soccer-led leaders, soccer boy.

The major objective of this DVD series, does not mean is to introduce a lot of practice menu.In practice each menu, as well as demonstration, Tom has led the boy player actually.Player does not necessarily possible from the first practice of all.Still, I think the player while practicing with Tom, and you can see how the go learning the ropes gradually in a short time.

In addition, a special talk, 40 minutes or more, such as the roles and responsibilities of leaders and parents on the growth or philosophical discussion, the children on player development in Japan football Tom felt in the teaching experience of more than 20 years, a dark story You waged over the. This work, referred to as a "what helped the progress of their children How Do", Tom's will not can become of this major theme, which is questions from everyone of parents across the country, such as events, to answer one emergence.

Takeshi Okada of Japan for oversight on behalf of Shi も recommended! (Japanese Only)


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